Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

New Vision Laser Center honors Aprils as National Sports Safety Awareness Month here in Hagerstown, MD. Sports Eye Safety Month is sponsored by Prevent Blindness America (PBA) and it is a reminder that thousands of eye injuries every year are related to sports. Sports are a fun way to hang out with friends, bond with family, and get much-needed exercise whether it is indoors or outdoors. While sports can be fun and exciting, it is very important to wear protective eye gear to protect your eyes in case of injury. The biggest injuries can occur with sports involving balls, or even physical contact. Dr. Gladsen here at New Vision Laser Center will inform you of the best eye gear for you and how to avoid injury.

Take the following steps to avoid sports eye injuries:

  • Wear proper safety goggles for all sports involving a ball. In order to be assured that your eyes are protected, it is important that any eye guard or sports protective eyewear are approved and labeled correctly. Particular eyewear is performance tested to give you the highest levels of protection.
  • Use batting helmets with face shields for all basketball sports.
  • Use helmets and face shields approved by the U.S. Amateur Hockey Association when playing hockey.
  • Be aware that regular glasses don’t provide enough protection and you must use alternate eyewear.
  • Speak to your doctor about what type of eye gear will be best for you

Call now to make an appointment with Dr. Gladsen to get the most up to date information on how and when to protect your eyes. While sports can be fun and stress reliever, we dont want to cause any harm to you or your vision.

Call us today to schedule your appointment at (301) 745-5150. And remember, keep sports fun and protected with the correct eye gear!


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