Comfort After LASIK at NVLC!

If you are looking for the utmost comfort after your LASIK procedure you have come to the right place. Dr. Gladsden at New Vision Laser Center located in Hagerstown, MD main priority is to ensure you have a comfortable experience post LASIK surgery. At New Vision Laser Center, we have developed and perfected a series of special steps that will provide unmatched comfort after your LASIK procedure.

This means you can go home and enjoy the day as your vision continues to improve. You can watch TV or a movie. Play computer games or just relax with your family. There is no necessity to close your eyes for hours or have to try and sleep during daytime hours. Along with those benefits, there is no burning or tearing of any consequence! Who doesn’t want to feel as relaxed as possible after LASIK? You will have the highest level of comfort after LASIK possible today!
Contact us today for a no charge LASIK Evaluation with our LASIK Hotline at 301-745-5150. Stop waiting and start seeing!

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