Hit the LASIK Trifecta!

New Vision Laser Center located in Hagerstown, MD is proud to be a LASIK only practice and offer an exclusive LASIK trifecta to patients. What’s included in the Trifecta, you ask? There are three main aspects that set our practice apart from others in the area.

1st- $2,500 off LASIK

2nd- 1 in 40 chance for FREE LASIK

3rd- 20/20 or your money back guarantee

On top of these exclusive savings, Dr. Gladsen has over 20 years of experience and has performed over 40 thousand vision correction procedure. Dr. Gladsden utilizes the precision of wavefront technology which is 25 times more precise than LASIK technology of the past. Don’t miss out on our LASIK triple commitment and the chance to get FREE LASIK! Why pay much more and get much less?

Call 301-745-5150 for your FREE consultation at our Hagerstown office and meet with our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Gladsen. Our goal is to give you a summer you can SEE!




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