Halloween Eye Safety Tips and Tricks

October is here which brings cooler weather, football, outdoor events, and Halloween! With the Halloween tradition of dressing up into costumes each year, Dr. Gladsden and our here staff here at New Vision Laser Center in Hagerstown, MD want to ensure that you are taking the proper care of your eyes even when dressing up. We have put together the following list for our patients for you to follow on Halloween night:

  • If you are going to wear colored contact lenses make sure you never share them with anyone else and to always use contact solution for disinfecting instead of water
  • Avoid hats and masks that can obscure your vision, this can lead to accidents
  • If you will be applying makeup on your eyes make sure to test it before to avoid any reactions
  • Avoid using props such as spears, swords, knives, etc as they are dangerous especially¬†when dark outside

We know that Halloween is a fun night of the year, but we hope that these tips and treats can make it both fun AND safe for you! If you have any other questions on how to take proper care of your eyes with your costume please give our office a call at 301-745-5150

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