About Us

Laser Vision Correction in Hagerstown, MD

New Vision Laser Center is a state-of-the-art laser vision correction facility, providing a personalized approach for each patient. We evaluate each patient’s personal needs and recommend the appropriate laser vision correction technology to provide them with the most accurate and safest treatment possible today.

At New Vision Laser Center, we are dedicated exclusively to eye procedures that reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. For the best possible outcomes, our staff of experts are trained to provide each patient with the best personal assessment possible, making your visit to our center as comfortable and relaxing as possible. This translates into great patient care and tremendous patient satisfaction.

Dr. Gladsden and his staff at New Vision Laser Center strive to offer our patients the most comprehensive laser vision correction program. This program includes a FREE consultation, a comprehensive eye examination prior to procedure, and unlimited LASIK related eye exam follow-up.

Your Doctor

Your surgeon, Dr. Robert Gladsden, has been performing refractive surgery since 1984. He will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your LASIK procedure and will answer any questions you may have about the surgery. Dr. Gladsden is so dedicated to ensuring you get the vision you deserve, he offers unlimited LASIK-related eye exams following your procedure.

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If you are interested in LASIK, or want to learn more about our state-of-the-art laser vision correction technology, contact New Vision Laser Center today. You can request an appointment or call us today at 301-745-5150.