I’ve worn glasses since I was four years old. My regular eye doctor told me my eyes were so bad that I wouldn’t benefit from it. Was he ever wrong. The Doc and the ladies were very friendly and helpful too. Thanks so much!


Elizabeth is ecstatic at her 1 Day Post-op appointment !! Thanks to the awesome Convenience Near Vision option Elizabeth won’t need glasses to see far away or up close !! Loving LASIK !


Kristy is 1 year glasses and contacts free and seeing 20/20 !


Publisher – Frederick Magazine. My vision’s never been better! I┬árecommend┬áDr. Gladsden and his competent staff to all who are considering the last vision correction procedure!


First Place Winner, 1999 Rocky Gap, YMCA TriathlonShortly after his laser vision correction

“As a triathlete, I wanted the most experienced and qualified surgeon Dr. Gladsden improved my vision from 20/500 to 20/20. My new vision is amazon, and it gave me tremendous confidence during competition”.


Salon Director, Headlines Dalon, Frederick – Dr. Gradsden and his friendly staff have changed my image dramatically. People don’t recoginze me without my glasses and fresh new look. New vision laser center is the BEST!


Co-Owned Bodyworks, Heath Club – Dr. Gladsden improved my vision from 20.400 to 20/20. I’m amazed how much it has added to my life.


“Tell Dr Gladsden he rocks! Having my eyes done was the quickest easiest experience I have ever had medically. I can see great! I can even see at night with no halo effect! That is pretty good for being 40 years old!”