Why Choose Us?

Laser vision correction with LASIK is becoming more widely accepted every year. If you are considering having LASIK for your eyes, understand the variables that can influence your outcome.

Your Surgeon

  • Is your surgeon certified by the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance?
  • Has your surgeon specialized exclusively in refractive procedures for reducing or eliminating patient’s need for eyeglasses or contacts?
  • How many procedures has your surgeon performed?
  • Does your surgeon monitor patient outcomes?
  • How many variables does your surgeon incorporate into the customization of your procedure?

Our Answers

Dr. Gladsden, a CRSQA certified refractive surgeon, was the first in our area to specialize exclusively in refractive surgery. He was awarded the “VISX Star” award in 1999 placing him in the top 5% of refractive surgeons nationwide for volume of procedures.

Unlike many surgeons, Dr. Gladsden incorporates variables into his refractive technique that are unique to each patient, thereby customizing their LASIK procedure. This customization along with Dr. Gladsden’s constant evaluation of patient outcomes insures the best possible results demonstrated by our remarkably high patient satisfaction rate.

Your Laser Facility

  • Is your facility equipped with the latest technology that is available today for Laser Vision Correction?
  • Does your laser facility control all environmental factors in the laser room since the laser is drastically altered by environmental factors?

Our Answers

New Vision Laser Center is equipped with the VISX Star 4 with the ActiveTrak eye tracker capabilities. We also offer the CustomVue procedure at our center, which provides the patient with the most accurate procedure available today. In addition, our center has specialized in providing our patients with the state of the art visual assessment equipment that accurately determines the health of your eyes and the treatment that best suits your unique visual needs. New Vision Laser Center takes the time to thoroughly examine your vision and explain the variables that can influence your outcome. Our goal is to work together with each patient to personalize their procedure and achieve the best possible results.

Your Patient Services

  • What laser vision correction services are included as part of your laser center’s price?
  • Does your center offer a program for future enhancements?

Our Answers

At New Vision Laser Center, we offer a free consultation and comprehensive eye exam prior to the procedure using the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the industry, the Lasik procedure and all follow-up exams. We also offer 24/7 access to our staff if you have any questions or concerns.