LASIK Candidate?

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Is LASIK Right For Your Eyes?

You can’t guess at this, and neither can Dr. Gladsden. In fact he insists on a comprehensive eye examination before he’ll approve you for LASIK at New Vision Laser Center. Some people spend years researching the procedure, only to find that they were never a candidate in the first place. That can be a major disappointment and the only way to avoid it is by having a full and comprehensive LASIK Exam. There are several factors that could mean LASIK isn’t right for you. Here are the main ones:

  • Thickness of your cornea and overall health of your eyes
  • General physical health
  • Some medications cause an unacceptably high risk of complications
  • Age and lifestyle

What if LASIK is NOT right for me?

This would have to be due to corneal structure, a vision health factor, or overall health. Don’t be too disheartened because there are alternatives to LASIK such as PRK which treats the cornea without the need for a flap.

To find out conclusively whether or not LASIK is right for you, schedule your free LASIK Evaluation. To learn if you’re in the ballpark for LASIK take our Online Self-Evaluation.