The answers to your questions will be sent directly to our staff counselors who will contact you shortly to clarify any points that need more discussion and let you know if it appears as though LASIK will work for you. The only way to be certain whether LASIK can work for you is to complete the LASIK Evaluation which New Vision Laser Center will offer to you at no charge or obligation. Be sure to include a phone number and email address where we can contact you. Thank you for your interest in New Vision Laser Center and for submitting your answers to this Self Evaluation Test.


Is LASIK Right For Your Eyes?

You can’t guess at this, and neither can Dr. Gladsden. In fact he insists on a comprehensive eye examination before he’ll approve you for LASIK at New Vision Laser Center. Some people spend years researching the procedure, only to find that they were never a candidate in the first place. That can be a major disappointment and the only way to avoid it is by having a full and comprehensive LASIK Exam. There are several factors that could mean LASIK isn’t right for you. Here are the main ones:

  • Thickness of your cornea and overall health of your eyes
  • General physical health
  • Some medications cause an unacceptably high risk of complications
  • Age and lifestyle