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Katie M.

“I have worn glasses or contacts since kindergarten. For the first time in years I can wake up in the morning and see the time of the clock! No more fumbling for my glasses. Those headaches I had daily from contacts and glasses are gone! I recommended this surgery and office to anyone who is looking for a life changer! The office staff is so great and knowledgeable about what they do. I felt so comfortable and in great hands through it all. I cannot say enough wonderful things!! Thank you for changing my life!!”

Jessica P.

“I cannot say enough about thus wonderful, wonderful place! They treated me with so much respect and walk you through every possible thing that could occur. They are extremely thorough in their work! I felt completely confident in getting the LASIK procedure done and had no nerves at all. Lucy and Vanessa treat you like they have known you their whole lives and are just so welcoming. Dr. Gladsden treats you with so much respect and makes sure that you have no questions, no nerves, and feel comfortable placing your vision in his hands. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Travel to Hagerstown if you aren’t local, you wont regret it! Day 2 after my procedure and I feel like a whole new person.”

Zach W.

“Here’s another 5-star review of New Vision, and it’s completely deserved. Words cannot describe how wonderful my experience has been with Dr. Gladsden and his incredible staff. Of course, I was more than just nervous when my eye doctor told me I should consider LASIK. The idea is beyond scary, and I didn’t even want to do it. However, I convinced myself to at least call a local center that conducted the procedure.
I was able to speak with Shelley over the phone, and she put me at ease to at least come in for a consultation. I actually got lost on my way the day of the consult, and Shelley even called me to make sure I was still coming. I was just 10 minutes late and was very embarrassed, but I knew I made the right choice because everyone in the office (including the doctor) was waiting at the front door for me. Dr. Gladsden introduced me to all of his staff, and was led to a room where they conducted just a few tests to make sure I was a candidate.

I was seriously nervous (I’ve worn glasses for 15 years; no contacts) about getting anything near my eyes, but Lucy, Vanessa, and Dr. Gladsden all have the best “bed-side manner”. They were able to ease all of my nerves to the point where I’m no longer a wimp when it comes to using eye drops.

The surgery itself is a bit intimidating, but Dr. Gladsden is more than just a pro at it. It’s very quick, and he talks to you throughout the entire procedure. When it was over for me, I noticed a huge improvement, as I’m sure all of his patients have.

This is kind of a long review, but my point is that I was very concerned about the entire thing, but the staff at New Vision welcomed me with open arms and made the experience more than I could have ever imagined!”

Deborah G.

“I had my procedure on July 27, 2017. Everyone that works in this office is AMAZING…from the front desk to the nurses, Luci and Vanessa and Dr. Gladsden. They all treated me and my daughter with respect and were extremely friendly. Everything was explained throughly. The surgery was so simple and easy and I had absolutely no fear. I’ve waited over 10 years to have this done. I am one happy lady!! After 25 years, no glasses/bifocals!!”

Keith D.

“I’m 31 yrs old and I wore glasses or contacts since I was 12. Before LASIK I was nearsighted, -6.25. I had LASIK in Nov. 2016. Dr. Gladsden and his staff were very kind, professional, and put me at ease. The LASIK procedure itself was pain free and I could read the clock on the wall immediately following the procedure. I did experience a little discomfort ( slight pressure, slight burning) about a 1/2 hr after the procedure when the numbing drops wore off, but only for like 15 mins. The results were well worth it. I was seeing clearly within a few hrs. My left eye was not as crisp and clear as my right so I had an enhancement on my left eye on May 2 2017 ( very little discomfort, no burning, only slight pressure) (at no extra charge) and now my vision is perfect. I highly recommend New Vision Laser Center and Dr. Gladsden.”